The Inimitable Meets Dylan Thomas!

by Fred Guida on May 7, 2012

Alan Bates as Boz

Boz by Bates

Following up on my recent article about the happy marriage of The Inimitable Boz and a very young Alan Bates (London by Dickens: This Revolution Was Televised – in 1958!), I am delighted to announce that the new DVD should be available in three to four weeks from Connecticut’s own Creative Arts Television.

But that’s not all.   As if a chance to see an incredibly fresh and original take on Dickens were not enough, the DVD will contain a second title.   It is not Dickens related.   Nevertheless, it is absolutely spectacular and will make a delightful companion piece to London by Dickens.

What is it you ask?   It is Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas in Wales read by Richard Burton.

Let me repeat that.   Richard Burton reading Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas in Wales!

Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas

To invoke a familiar but perfectly accurate cliché, I would pay a lot of money to hear Richard Burton read from a phone book or the classified ad section of my local newspaper.   But I would walk to the moon on my knees to hear him doing Dylan Thomas.   And I would crawl to Pluto to hear him doing the only work worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as the immortal Carol!

Filmed while Burton was appearing on Broadway in Camelot, this fascinating production was broadcast on the legendary Camera Three program, appropriately enough on Christmas Eve, in 1961.   It opens with a deeply moving meditation on Dylan Thomas’s life and then shifts to an equally moving reading of his best known work.

In addition to making several recordings of Dylan Thomas’s works, Richard Burton also appeared in a 1962 British television documentary about Thomas as well as the 1972 film adaptation of Under Milk Wood.

Richard Burton

Look Back in Anger

And for an interesting little bit of cosmic serendipity, it is worth noting that shortly before coming to New York for Camelot, Burton starred in the film version of John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger, the work that brought Alan Bates to Broadway and made him available to appear in London by Dickens.

So watch this web site for more details.   And please support this exciting new DVD when it comes out.

Christmas will be about six months early this year!!!

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RGK May 10, 2012 at 5:22 pm

Excellent news, Fred!

Will the DVD be available directly through traditional retailers or direct from Creative Artists Television?


Fred Guida May 13, 2012 at 5:42 am

For the immediate future, the DVD will be available only from Creative Arts Television (CAT).

Its policy is to accept Purchase Orders from institutions (colleges, bookstores, libraries) but to require pre-payment from individuals.

PayPal to

Checks to Creative Arts Television, PO Box 739, Kent, CT 06757

No credit cards.

The price of this DVD is $19, post-paid.

Orders from abroad — single orders that is — will be charged $7 airmail for a total of $26.


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