Michael Pointer’s Charles Dickens on the Screen

by Fred Guida on May 22, 2012

Charles Dickens on the Screen by Michael PointerMuch to my surprise, I have just learned that Scarecrow Press has a few remaining new copies of Michael Pointer’s 1996 book Charles Dickens on the Screen: The Film, Television and Video Adaptations.   I thought it was long out of print!

At $75 this book ain’t cheap.   However, it is an excellent reference tool and anyone even remotely interested in Dickens adaptations should consider owning it.

But here’s a thought: If you don’t want to buy one for yourself then ask your local library to purchase it.   Most libraries have very limited funds these days but, in the context of the Dickens bicentenary, even the most cash strapped library might consider it.

And if you belong to a branch of the Dickens Fellowship why not suggest that your group pick up a copy that would always be available to members at meetings?

I have had a strange relationship with this book going back almost twenty years. In the nineties I was working on essentially the same book for the same publisher.   Michael finished first and the rest is indeed history.

A Christmas Carol and Its AdaptationsHowever, I’m a big believer in the old adage that things usually happen for a reason.   And after my initial disappointment, I was forced to regroup and consider what I liked most about Dickens in the first place.   The result was  A Christmas Carol and Its Adaptations which saw the light of day in 2000.

Michael and I corresponded and shared information.   And, when my book came out, I was pleased to acknowledge that several Carols were brought to my attention through his book.

And from the isn’t life strange department: I am currently thinking about embarking on a new edition of Michael’s book.

A healthy dose of insanity is required to take on this kind of project.   As such, I would be grateful for any words of encouragement that might trickle in.   My wife, who does not need another reminder of my insanity, would be grateful to anyone who can talk me out of it…

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