Atomic Bingo Evaluation

Atomic Bingo Evaluation

Presently, the term ‘atomic’ is not one that is used lightly. Since the terrible earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused the meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power facility, shoals of radioactive fish carcasses and other dead marine life have been washing up as far away as the northwestern United States. There are reports that Russia has deployed a cruise missile with a medium range, so breaking the provisions of a peace treaty that was important in ending the Cold War.

We have just heard that radiation surges of unknown origin have been detected across Europe. First detected in Norway, these traces are of a kind of radioactive substance with an extremely short half-life, therefore their detection in such large quantities indicates that something recent has happened. The two most plausible choices are clandestine nuclear weapons testing and a hidden medical research center. Atomic Casino has nothing to do with any of those news articles and will likely (hopefully) be there for much longer than the duration of those reports, so let’s get on with the review.

Not the Most Rapid…

Atomic Casino is not the most visually appealing online casino while the landing page loads, which is not the fastest we’ve seen. It seems to have been developed by programmers rather than professional web designers.

How do we know? Orange borders on red (none of which go well together), black dominates the backdrop, and a center picture of British pound coins serves as a focus point. And they are precious. Thus, gold, orange, red, and black are present. Not exactly a formula for encouraging further investigation of the website. Nonetheless, we did – someone has to – and the following is what we discovered.

Scroll down momentarily

Scrolling down will reveal further reddish backdrops, giving to the impression that whomever designed this website has been watching too much Total Recall. Aside from this, there are other thumbnail photos displaying the sorts of games available, separated into Featured and New. There are just four of each, which does nothing to fill up the gaps.

There is no indication on the genre of these games either. It may be slots, it could be scratch games, or it could be something really unique that we have never seen before. However, we will never know until we click on anything to find out. As a result, we know another (relative) certainty: the engineers responsible for this website have no idea how people interact with websites. The fewer clicks required to get information, the better. And under no circumstances should users be required to click even once to discover the sorts of games available.

Click Once, Game Over Clearly, you only need to click once to discover what this website has in store for its subscribers. The most obvious button to hit is ‘All Games’ at the top of the screen (in the blacked-out bar that also has the Atomic Casino logo). Unfortunately, this is the point at which things become implausible.

The games are arranged vertically and horizontally. Thus, poker and baccarat, as well as Jacks or Better, will be offered alongside slot machines. Because we have analyzed a sufficient number of these websites, we are able to recognize the most common titles. And the titles aren’t terrible, but someone should provide us a means to filter or at least search for the sort of game we want to play.

It’s a clear case of carelessness on the side of those responsible, and it makes you question why you even bother to explore the website further. Why should you be bothered to give them your money if the people in charge couldn’t take the time to make it simple for you to browse, search, and discover? Especially when the ‘All Games’ option yields 54 titles. Most internet casinos have twice as many slot machines.

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