as Nike's most representative significance for innovation Free Inneva Woven returned to the US in the summer, the day before the official release is this pair of new black and white color. Vamp in preserving the streamlined OG contours of the original, through the black and white ribbon with interwoven unique texture and flexibility for biped breathable wearing experience, at the same time will be injected into the texture quite white, black leather heel and tongue respectively, finally comfortable equipped with flexible Free outsole has 5 shoes. It is reported that the Free Inneva cheap jordans online Woven is expected in the near future landing NikeLab, interested friends may wish to pay more attention. in yesterday's world outside the wall column, the new Yeezy Boost 350 V2 suspected spy again caused many shoes speculation, in view of the picture quality is limited, many people still doubt the truth of it; today this pair of new HD spy finally out, you can determine which is a member of the V2 family. According to intelligence accounts Yeezy Mafia revealed that the V2 is using the new Primeknit weaving method, so full of stoma shoes, and all previous V2 seen are different. F Cheap air jordans for sale rom the vamp alone, it may be summer exclusive, as to whether it will meet with you in the year, remains to be verified. However, successive new colors, new style, let us know at least: V2 every year, especially this year.Beijing time on June 16th, the finals ended, the team first began his offseason operation. previously, including Jordan-Schultz, Marc-Stein and other famous NBA reporter had said, the Celtics have focused on the pursuit of Hayward as the object, but it looks like a star, and may be one step ahead to join the Lvshan army, he is Andre Drummond. has previously re cheap jordan shoes for men ported that the piston is exploring Drummond and Reggie Jackson's trade value. Today, fans of P have a picture of him wearing a Celtic shirt, and the pictures have been praised by Drummond himself. "Zhuang God" to show up, "green shirt army" purpose is clearly clear, overthrow James in the eastern rule. Drummond averaged 13.6 points, 13.8 boards, and 1.1 caps this season, although it was lower than last season, but don't forget his playing time is only 29.7 minutes. In addition, this season Drummond just in the game against Celtic in off the guards data of 28 points and 22 reboun Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ds, which completely conquered the green army management. has completed 34 rebounds in his career, 20+, and his deterrence in the interior will be the most terrifying weapon of the green army. Which has been criticized as weak Huo Fude, also can return to the forward position to play his top support ability. of course, 23 year old Drummond is not just a green army pursuit, after the rockets and wizards have been out of the interior of the monster. Especially when the pistons are ready to sell their two core reconstruction, it does not have to be costly. but whether it's green cheap foamposites army or wizard, as long as they take Drummond, the inside line will have a real barrier. At that time most worried, I'm afraid Zhan Huang and his knights. Lebron must not want another big three or even four big team in the East, which will only give him a greater sense of crisis. Y-3 yesterday released 2016 winter shoes series complete preview, and a variety of Qasa design which is undoubtedly the new season of the leading role. A new series of inherited Yamamoto Teruji's consistent color style, except for the black and gray clothes Qasa High besides, the designer is also ba Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping sed on add and subtract, extended with super high boots Qasa Boot and Qasa Elle Lace Low design more streamlined two pairs of new. Y-3 2016 winter series is expected to be launched next month, please wait and see! to celebrate the Mack daddy David Beckham the 41 year old birthday, Adidas announced that it will be engraved in his 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea are wearing Predator Mania Champagne football shoes, led us to relive the memories of the "Falcon" era. in addition, the brand also around the "Champagne" theme to create a Ace17+ Purecontrol, X16+ Purechaos a cheap jordans for sale mens nd Copa 17.1 three pairs of modern football shoes, and will be launched by the acclaimed PureControl UltraBOOST sports shoes. Continuation of the Predator Mania classic color, new shoes with a champagne making sock Primeknit theme, complemented by a black line three Logo, and the red tongue and heel tab for embellishment, finally carrying BOOST midsole and rubber outsole, is a combination of new design commemorative and all-match attributes. learned that this PureControl UltraBOOST will be together with the "Champagne" series of other shoes, in May 3rd in END. and other de cheap jordans for sale signated stores for sale, like friends can not be missed! APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Air Jordan 4 Retro "Pure Money" HD out of box view: below for other years on the sale of Air Jordan 4 Retro, "Pure Money" for reference information about the sale of shoes, please poke me APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fas Retro jordans for sale hion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!The correct approach of eight different push upson the use of push up exercise, some people say that there is only one, some people can only exercise to the chest. As a matter of fact with push ups can exercise to the body muscles and push ups are a variety of practices, of course, exercise the degree of difficulty, the effect is also different. Today the share is eight correct practice push ups, the eight kinds of push ups is not suitable for time to go to the gym friends, only need to practice in accord Retro jordans for sale ance with the demonstration of the pictures below to exercise. Take a look at the eight kinds of push ups: 1, general push ups the UPS is the most commonly used push ups, use both hands slightly wider than the shoulder, feet together, hold out a bosom to tighten the waist and abdomen and elbow flexion to center of gravity down to the chest quickly close to the ground 1 cm position, pause, and then focus on the power of the pectoralis major muscle quickly push up. This general push ups is one of the most common, exercise pectoralis major. 2, from the narrow push ups this wide range of push ups is the same in general push ups on the basis, the spacing between the hands of much wider and shoulder, other postures and general push ups. Lateral and shoulder width distance push upsexercise pectoralis major. 3, range of push ups4 about the ups and downs ups the push ups and downs is in general push ups on the basis, use of pectoralis major muscle power to control the body's center of gravity, let body around the ups and downs. When the push ups can let the body center of gravity to the right from the left, and then from right to left. Stimulating effect of this kind of push ups on the chest is very good, especially outside of the pectoralis major muscle stimulation effect is best. Of course, to do this kind of push ups require practitioners have a certain control. 5, around the turn to lift the Elbow push up is also in "push ups" on the basis of, in doing push ups after the left and right elbow is raised, mainly exercise practitioner's chest, deltoids, latissimus dorsi muscle, abdominal muscle, also tempered practice of coordination. 6, creeping knee lift push ups the ups requires practitioners a hand to move forward, then to do push ups, and a foot is lifted forward knee lift, as close as possible to the ipsilateral arm's elbow joint. The main exercise chest muscle, abdominal muscle. 7, jump push ups the UPS is doing "push ups" on the basis, using the power of the arm muscles, chest muscles, waist and abdomen muscle, also force so that the body in a twinkling vacated and then return to the starting position. The main push up exercise chest, abdominal, arms and other explosive force, to practice the high requirements. 8, about mobile push upsThe push ups is required of practitioners in the finish a "push up" after "